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UK Tapathon 2020 (online) - Sunday, 15 November 2020

Join us for the Tapathon 2020!

After last year’s successful Cardiff participation in the Tapathon 2019, Rhythm Tap Cardiff is yet again organising the Cardiff hub for this year’s UK-wide tap dance event organised by the Performers Project ( in aid of BBC Children in Need.

Last year, 7,612 tappers were dancing at the same time across the UK, 111 of them in Cardiff, and we raised £38,300 for BBC Children in Need. This year’s Tapathon is still happening! It will, however, be taking place as an online event, and it is most likely that everybody will record themselves individually at home. It is still our aim to get as many people together across the whole UK, tapping the same routine at the same time in different (smaller) venues. We’ll all be wearing the same t-shirts, and all proceeds will yet again be donated to BBC Children in Need. In terms of world record, there might be a possibility to get a new virtual record together of the most tappers dancing together online, so that’s exciting (although not yet confirmed). Either way, it’ll still be a fun event for everybody to get involved in, and a great way to raise money for BBC Children in Need. 

The Performers Project is also working on an online show that everybody will be able to tune into on the day.

At Rhythm Tap Cardiff, we realise that it might feel less like a group event, though, if we’re all tapping individually at home (or some other smaller venues, if circumstances allow). Therefore, Rhythm Tap Cardiff will collate everybody’s individual videos (wearing the t-shirts) of everyone dancing the routine and will cut them together into one big group collage, much like last month for our Shim Sham performance (watch video here).

That way, we’ll all have something cool to watch and we’ll get to see everybody’s socially-distanced group-effort, dancing the same routine in the same outfits :-) 

If you are worried about surfaces you can tap on at home, don’t worry. You can tap with your tap shoes on any floor that you feel is suitable (kitchen floor, in your hallway, on carpet flooring, on a rug, etc.), or in normal shoes, in socks, or barefoot. Whatever you please, as long as we’re all tapping the same routine :-)

So, really, let’s tap, let’s fundraise, and let’s show the world that lockdown does not stop Wales from tapping! The more the merrier (or tappier)!

IMPORTANT! If you want to attend the event through Rhythm Tap Cardiff, you can register through us, rather than The Performers Project. Rhythm Tap Cardiff will then take care of everything for you. Info on how to sign up is given below.

What is the Tapathon?

The Tapathon, a UK-wide tap dance charity event organised by The Performers Project, is an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people performing the same tap routine (we ‘inofficially’ did it last year, yay!). The title ‘Tapathon’ does not mean that we will be performing for hours. The Tapathon routine will merely be performed twice on the day of the event, simultaneously with many thousands of other tap dancers at other venues across the UK. The whole performance will last for approximately seven minutes. This year, the event will be held online with tappers recording themselves remotely at home.

When will it take place? The Tapathon, organised by The Perfomers Project, will take place on Sunday, 15th November 2020, 12pm-2pm. ​

What is the routine for the Tapathon 2020?

We’ll be tapping to We Are Family. The routine will be made available to you upon request, or after you've registered for the event.

How can I learn the routine? In past years, Rhythm Tap Cardiff organised rehearsal workshops on weekends leading up to the Tapathon. This year, I will be recording step-by-step tutorial videos for everyone instead, where I’ll explain and teach the routine in detail. You’ll be able to watch those videos at home and learn the routine by yourselves. As always, I’ll provide multiple speeds so you can first practice the routine at a slower pace and then work your way up to full speed. 

How much tap experience do I need to take part?

The tapathon routine is suitable for tappers of all levels. If you're a complete beginner, please do get in touch with Rhythm Tap Cardiff, though, for further assistance.

Where will it take place?

Most likely, everybody will record themselves at home.

How much does it cost?

The fee to take part in the Tapathon through Rhythm Tap Cardiff is £11. This includes the following:

  • a donation to BBC Children in Need;

  • a Tapathon t-shirt ordered to size and to be worn for the event (shipped directly to you);

  • a certificate of attendance for each participant (shipped directly to you);

  • postage (for your t-shirt and certificate);

  • access to Rhythm Tap Cardiff’s online rehearsal material in the form of video tutorials;

  • a small online booking fee.

How do I sign up?

If you wish to attend the Tapathon 2020 via Rhythm Tap Cardiff, please do not sign up via The Performer’s Project. Instead, you can register and pay your registration fee through Rhythm Tap Cardiff here.

Please note that our registration page is more user-friendly on a laptop or computer rather than a tablet or a phone, although either works.

When do I have to sign up by?

The first deadline for you to register is rather soon. It’s on the 25th July 2020. However, don’t worry, this is by no means the final deadline! But, because everything needs to be organised socially-distancedly the central organising team would like to get a good first idea of numbers and pre-order a first wave of t-shirts as soon as possible. This will allow them to spread their work across a longer time, which’ll make it more manageable. Later registrations will still be possible, but if at all possible, please sign up before July 25th via the online form linked above. 

Once I have signed up, when will I get my t-shirt?

This year, everybody’s t-shirts will be shipped directly to their home before the event.

How do I record myself for the Tapathon 2020?

You can record yourself with your phone or tablet. Please record in portrait rather than landscape mode. You can start your recording a few minutes before the start of your performance. At the start-time of the Tapathon (tbc), start your music (which will be sent to you) and perform the whole routine from beginning to end. Make sure you perform the routine facing towards the camera, and make sure to hold your final pose for about 5 seconds before you finish and relax :-). Once recorded, send your video to Rhythm Tap Cardiff (instructions on how to do that will be provided).

Further questions

Should you have any further questions on the event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Rhythm Tap Cardiff at

Data protection

Please note that by registering for the Tapathon 2020, you are giving consent for Rhythm Tap Cardiff to retain your details provided until the end of the event, and to send you relevant emails with information on the event as well as associated workshops. Furthermore, please note that you will have to video record your participation in the Tapathon 2020, and send this video to Rhythm Tap Cardiff. Your video material will be forwarded to the central organising team to be counted towards a potential virtual tap dance record, and it will also be used by Rhythm Tap Cardiff to create a video collage of everybody tapping the same routine together. Thus, by registering for the Tapathon 2020, you agree to video record yourself and give consent for that material to be used and made available to the wider public on social media and/or television.  ​

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