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My monthly membership

Classes at Rhythm Tap Cardiff are paid online by a monthly membership fee, which secures your spot in class for the whole of that month.

Two types of memberships are available:

Online membership

With the online membership, you get access to all online tap content: 

  • Four choreographies each month, at four different skill levels. Each week new content with a choreography tutorial will be added for each routine;

  • Access to tutorial videos for individual tap steps, as well as the whole tap step syllabus;

  • Written versions of the choreographies;

  • Downloadable music for the choreographies.

This membership is priced at the base rate of £18 per month.

Studio tap membership

With the studio tap membership, you will get access to all of the following:

  • The complete online tap membership content as above;

  • Four weekly live face-to-face classes at Chapter (three classes in December; same skill level and time slot each week);

  • In class, students will learn the same choreographies that are taught in the online content, which means there is plenty of material online to practice the routines at home in between classes as well.

This membership is priced at £25 per month.​

There are four classes per month, apart from December when there are only three classes due to holidays (see tap schedule for details). The monthly fees are a flat rate, which aren't affected by the eventuality of illness or holidays, although Rhythm Tap Cardiff strives to keep either of those to an absolute minimum. Payment for individual classes isn't possible, unless you're a new student joining us half-way through a month, in which case the remainder of that first month can be paid pro-rata.


How can I set up my monthly membership subscription?

  • Get in touch with Rhythm Tap Cardiff to let them know you're interested in joining a class.

  • We can then discuss when and at which level of class you would like to join, and which membership plan you would like to be added to.

  • Following that, Rhythm Tap Cardiff will send you an email with a personalised link in order to set up a monthly direct debit.

  • This link will direct you to a secure page where you’ll be able to put in your details.

  • Subsequently, at the beginning of each month, your monthly fee for the respective month’s tap classes will be transferred to Rhythm Tap Cardiff. You will be sent an automatic email a few days before each payment.


How can I cancel my monthly membership subscription?

  • You can amend, pause, or cancel your direct debit at any time by sending us an email. We will then stop your monthly subscription for the next instalment.

  • Note that you need to notify Rhythm Tap Cardiff of your cancellation at least three working days prior to the day the next instalment is due, in order to allow enough time for us to check emails and cancel your subscription.


Should you have any questions about any of the above, or about how to set up your direct debit, please do not hesitate to get in touch. As always, we're more than happy to help.

"Meet great people
in a friendly, fun and
welcoming atmosphere where competitiveness has no place."
Lison Akretche, 2017
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