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Online members platform

As a member of Rhythm Tap Cardiff, you are given access to our weekly online tap content, which contains all of the following:

  • Weekly video tutorials for our current choreographies for Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate and Advanced tap students. The choreographies are expanded on each week (four weeks per month, three in December);

  • A number of past routines with video tutorials;

  • The written version of all available routines;

  • Music files to practice with;

  • A set of warm-up videos;

  • Access to our tap syllabus, with video tutorials for individual steps;

  • An induction section for complete beginners, with detailed video tutorials for the most basic tap steps.

All of this content is available within the individual content sections below.

If you're not yet a member of Rhythm Tap Cardiff, but would like to have access to our monthly material, take a look at our membership page for details on how to join our tap family.

"Rhythm Tap Cardiff
offers warm, welcoming
and fun classes to all
tap lovers."
Charlotte Walters, 2017
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