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Tapping at home? – What can I do?

If you're tapping from home, then that's fantastic!


But on what surface should you tap?

If you want to create your own little tap floor, then a piece of MDF is the cheapest way forward. You can put that on your carpet floor or your hard-wood flooring to protect it from scratches and dents. Alternatively, you can also use a piece of Lino or Vinyl flooring. You can use that on hard floors as well as on carpet (which is what I do). It may feel a bit awkward to tap on vinyl on carpet, as it's rather soft, but it'll still make some sound and the surface is smooth enough. Avoid tapping with your tap shoes on tiles as the tiles may break.

What about noise?

Keeping your neighbours happy is important of course. Consider tapping during the day, and maybe not for too long. Maybe even speak to your neighbours and let them know what you're doing and why. They might be happier to tolerate the noise for a while each day then :-). But tapping on vinyl on carpet will keep the noise down. Or, alternatively, you can also tap in your socks, either in your kitchen or any other hard flooring you've got. Just be careful!

Make sure you stretch!

Even if it may not feel like you're doing a proper workout because you're merely tapping in your kitchen or living room, you still got to make sure that you stretch your legs after each tap session. Especially if you're tapping in your socks, your feet, Achilles heels, and calves will need more stretching because they'll be doing harder work without your shoes' support.

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