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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up for classes or can I just turn up on the night?

Essentially, there is no need to sign up for classes in advance, and you can just turn up on the night. However, due to studio size, there is a limited number of available spaces per class. Therefore, if this is your first time joining Rhythm Tap Cardiff, please briefly get in touch via our contact section. Moreover, our classes are paid for on a monthly basis by means of an online membership fee which guarantees your space in class for that month. For more information, click here.


If you are a complete beginner, then please get in touch with us in order to discuss when would be the best time for you to join. Usually, complete beginners will be asked to first attend an Induction Workshop where you'll be introduced to the very basics of tap. After an induction class, you'll be ready to join the regular beginners class. Get in touch with us to check when the next induction workshop is taking place. 

If you've previously tapped before, then just quickly get in touch to check for available spaces, to discuss which level of tap you'd like to join, and to set up your membership

How expensive are my Rhythm Tap classes? How do I pay?

Our classes are paid for by means of a monthly membership fee by direct debit which guarantees your spot in every class of that month. A Studio membership costs £25 per month, and an Online membership is £18 per month. More detailed information can be found in our membership section.

Do I need to buy tap shoes for my Rhythm Tap classes?

Yes. Unfortunately, Rhythm Tap Cardiff does not provide any tap shoes. So it will be necessary to buy your own. With a pair of proper tap shoes, you will learn a lot faster and will have a lot more fun! They offer more stability for your feet and allow you to brush your feet lightly across the floor. You'll also be able to hear and feel the sounds you're making much better. In short, your learning curve will be much steeper with tap shoes. For info on where to buy tap shoes, and which kind, see the following two entries.

Where can I buy tap shoes?

Unfortunately, there are no shops directly in Cardiff that sell tap shoes for adults. However, there is a great little shop in Barry called A&A Dancewear, which will have what you need. The owners are always extremely friendly and happy to help you with any enquiries regarding tap shoes.


If you're a beginner and don't know the size of your tap shoes yet, it is not advisable to buy them online. You will need to buy shoes that fit you perfectly in order to avoid blisters. It's thus best to go to a shop first and try on different sizes to find the best fit for your feet. Also keep in mind that different brands of tap shoes will have slightly different sizes.

What type of shoe should I get for Rhythm Tap?

If you've already got your own tap shoes, they will be just fine for our classes. However, if you're contemplating buying new tap shoes to join Rhythm Tap, then there's a few things to consider to get your ideal type of shoe:

  • Make sure that the shoes are a perfect fit. They might feel rather tight to begin with, but will loosen once they're broken in.

  • It's best to buy your very first pair of tap shoes in a shop rather than online. Tap shoes vary considerably in size, so you might need to try a few sizes on before you find the perfect fit. Recommended location for Cardiffians: A&A Dancewear in Barry.

  • For Rhythm Tap, tap shoes with a low 'cuban' heel will be more suitable, as it is a more grounded form of tap. 

  • If possible, go for a closed shoe with laces rather than one with a buckle.

  • You will need taps (metal plates) on both the front and back of the sole.


The three brands of shoes that will be most suitable for rhythm tap are Bloch, Capezio or Roch Valley. The best shoe we can recommend, though, is the Capezio Cadence. There's not many a tap shoe that's more comfortable than that one! An example of what such a tap shoe might look like can be found here.

What is the age limit for Rhythm Tap Cardiff? Can I join classes with my children?

Rhythm Tap Cardiff only offers tap classes for adults (18+). We aren't licensed to teach children and young people under the age of 18 and thus cannot legally welcome any kids to our classes. Apart from this age restriction, we do welcome adults of any age. Our students range in age from 18 years all the way to 60 and above. 

Where is the Common Room?

The Common Room is part of Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and is located on the upper floor of Chapter main building. Go and ask the lovely staff at the front desk of Chapter Arts if you're unsure how to find The Common Room.

Where do I park for my Rhythm Tap classes?

Chapter Arts Centre has its own car park which can, however, be quite busy on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Alternatively, there is a car park conveniently placed at the intersection of Harvey Street and Glamorgan Street right behind Market House, which is usually not too busy. In addition, there's another one by the Tesco Metro/Canton Community Hall on Leckwith Road which is a short five minute walk away from Chapter. In both places, parking is free after 6pm.


On the rare occasion of a very busy day (particularly when the football is on), parking can be more difficult. However, there is a lot of on-street parking available around Chapter, so students should still be able to find a parking space somewhere.

Tapping at home? – What can I do?

If you're tapping at home, then check out our brief home tap tips section for more info.

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