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This page offers specific information on our Rhythm Tap classes for complete beginners (level 1). More general information on all classes and information on our improvers, intermediate, and advanced classes is available here.


Our beginners (level 1) classes are suitable for complete beginners and returners who wish to refresh their tap skills from previous years. Students will be introduced to the very basics of rhythm tap, including a number of amalgamations with Shuffles, Falaps, Picksteps, and Cramprolls. For example, students will learn the rhythm tap Moonwalk, basic Timesteps, the 4-3-5 Sidestep, and many more. Whilst part of each class will focus on the technical side of tap steps, improving every individual student's tap skills, we will also learn fun tap routines to a wide range of music, thus fostering students' ability to remember longer sequences of tap steps. In our online members section, students will be provided with short tutorial videos of all the tap steps and recordings of our choreographies to help them practice at home.


Due to limited availability of spaces, there are only a limited number of entry points for new beginner students throughout the year. At these entry points, we hold an Induction Class in place of the regular beginners class, during which complete beginners will be introduced to the very basics of rhythm tap in order to ensure they've got a sound foundation of tap skills and are ready to join the regular beginners class. Normally, Induction Classes take place in the first week of every second month, but please do get in touch with us to double check when the next available date will be.


At the moment, there is only one beginners (level 1) class available per week. It takes place as follows:

  • Wednesdays, 8.15-9.15pm, at the Market Dance Studio of Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. 

  • Classes also run on Bank Holidays and over the school holidays.


Classes are paid for by a monthly membership fee which gives access to a whole month's set of classes. This fee is paid by means of a direct debit to Rhythm Tap Cardiff at the beginning of each month. There are two different types of membership:

  • Standard RTC membership: £18 per month, for one tap class per week at the same level;

  • Double RTC membership: £25 per month, for two tap classes per week at the same level [only available for the Improvers classes];

  • Extended RTC membership: £30 per month, for two tap classes per week at two different levels;

  • Premium RTC membership: £40 per month, which gives access to all tap classes (at all levels).

For more information on how to set up payment of your monthly membership fee, see our payment page in the members area.


Students are required to bring along their own tap shoes. For information on where to buy tap shoes and which make of shoe we recommend, see the answers in our FAQs section.

"Rhythm Tap Cardiff
offers warm, welcoming
and fun classes to all
tap lovers."
Charlotte Walters, 2017
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